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Measure of a Man (extended version)....

Okay, so I'm behind the curve, but over the weekend I finally got around to seeing this from the new remastered set.

"Measure Of A Man" is my favourite TNG episode. It plays out and resonates in a way that really showed that new Trek could reach me like TOS. Actually quite a bit of TNG's 2nd season does that for me. I find it hard to imagine how the episode could be made any better. I have to say, though, that the extended cut doesn't make it better.

That isn't to say the extended cut ruins or hurts the episode. No, the added footage is polished and looks and sounds authentic. Some of the added scenes do add a bit more texture to characters. Maddox appearing at Data's farewell gathering really makes him seem even more of a dick. Picard prepping Data for the hearing looks convincing as one of those quieter moments that really would have had to happen. Nothing new really felt out of place, but...

The new stuff doesn't bring anything of real value to the existing episode. It's easy to see why the additional footage was initially cut because it detracted from the impact of certain scenes.

The extended cut felt like a decently written short story (which television episodes essentially are), but the aired version is an example of a good story made great with a bit of smart editing to give it impact.

I'm glad I saw the extended cut, but for me the aired cut works better and is the definitive version. Here is a good example of less is more.
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