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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

It didn't go wrong, it was all wrong from the start.
The original series has the charm of, well, the original, and introduced some exciting ideas into sci-fi. Next Generation brought the concept back to life and gave it a nice new identity. DS9 developed it further with an entirely new take and took it about as far as it would go.
I wish they'd had the courage to stop the TV series there. But of course, such a cash cow as this franchise is, with so many indiscriminating fans willing to watch and read any dross as long as it's got the "Trek" label on it, of course it wasn't going to be abandoned...

Voyager as a whole (a couple of very watchable episodes notwithstanding) is nothing but a lame re-hash of the concepts of the first two series, and the same goes for Enterprise, which has the dubious distinction of even more indifferent acting. Just about the only characters I enjoy on Voyager are the doctor - he's so deliciously pompous - and Tuvok - the actor has the "Vulcan thing" absolutely nailed to a tree.
Ethan Philips is an excellent actor who is wasted on his role - Neelix is basically Quark without the charm but with extra daftness.
As for Janeway, don't get me started. Couldn't they have found someone who comes across as more of a commanding officer, less of a schoolmarm? And without such a grating nasal voice??
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