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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Just finished the first Doctor's story "Daleks."

It was neat seeing the Daleks for the first time, and I really do enjoy the first Doctor so far. However the story went on far too long, seven episodes seemed a bit excessive and it could have been compacted a bit more. I'm still bothered by the fact that The Doctor doesn't really feel like the central character yet. I understand that's not the shows fault since only two stories in they're still trying to find the rhythm of the show, it's just hard for me to get behind being exposed to the Doctor Who style of storytelling nowadays.
The first doctor is often missing as Hartnell's health deteriorated.

Sometimes he won't be in an episode at all.
Some of that is holiday not illness though. The illness doesn't really become a major issue until Season 3.
True, what a bizarre system they used to have, very civilised though.

I'll just pop off halfway through filming a for a week in Spain.
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