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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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As much as I remember classic Who fondly, the pacing is sooooo slow now that I've seen the modern show.
Well, remember, these were meant to be watched in 25-minute installments. It seems slow-paced when you watch the whole serial in one go, because of the repetition and recaps and multiple inconclusive climaxes. But I imagine if you only saw one half-hour installment per week, the pace would feel better.

Personally I didn't find "Pyramids of Mars" to be slow-paced at all. It went along rather briskly compared to some, and the strong writing and character moments helped maintain interest.
I agree it was a very good episode, and you're right about the format in those days. It had been a long time since I watched any classic Who.

Having just watched the 1st through 4th Doctor specials, it was cool to have #4 drop the line about the dress being Victoria's. I've always liked those little nods to previous eras & people in the current series'.
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