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Episode of the Week: 2x14 "The Icarus Factor"

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Two words. Daddy issues. I hate them. Next episode!.....

Ok, I'll do my best. The Worf subplot is actually pretty good and this episode does get what I would call a whole letter grade improvement for something that I thought would never ever happen in Star Trek again since the original series. No, not the ridiculous costumes that Riker and his Dad wear during their bout.

Pulaski wrote:
Twelve years ago, Kyle Riker was a civilian strategist advising Starfleet in its conflict with the THOLIANS.
That's right. This is (I think) the ONLY MENTION of the Tholian race in all of TNG's Seven Season run and anything that deals with Tholians in any way is a plus in my book. They're my favorite species in Star Trek and this is really the only thing that makes me smile about this episode. That and Worf's loud screams of pain.

I think by now in TNG's second season that the writers were really focused on giving Pulaski's role more relevance by having her be associated with almost everything that goes on in characters' lives. Like, she knows Riker's Dad to the point where they're actually intimate with each other? Not very realistic in a galaxy as big as this one and it does makes me feel uncomfortable watching it. Thankfully she does something I greatly approve of in the next episode so she's still in my book.

Another surprise that I got out of this episode was the handling of Wesley. I like how he tries to better understand Worf as a person who is from a different race and culture in order to try and figure out ways of helping him with his issues. Sometimes Star Trek takes it's alien characters for granted and doesn't do anything to distinguish them from us outside of physically looking different. Well done.

Now for the father vs. son fight that we've all been waiting for. They reconcile and go their separate ways. The End.

CONCLUSION: There's really not much to say about this episode because not a lot happens in it. The scenes involving Worf's dilemma are nice and having Wesley wanting to help out actually made me care about his character for once. Unfortunately Riker's storyline is nothing but a "by the books" take on Daddy issues that it doesn't really add anything to his character in the long run. If it wasn't for Worf's b-plot and the shout out to the Tholians, I would have labeled this entire episode as a "skip".


Note: Thank you Trekcore for the screen grabs. Sorry I haven't credited you in my previous posts.
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