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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

@ 1001001

Oops...I honestly did intend to write "foul language", so apparently it could be a Freudian slip, but then again, foul language is usually the trademark of fools, isn't it?

@ GSchnitzer

Yes, before you brought it up, I wasn't aware of the "Constitution Class Starship" reference in the "Space Seed" script.

What's really interesting here is this: According to his treatise, Greg Jein explicitly mentioned the "Space Seed" script but focused entirely on the MK IX/01 primary phaser schematic to arrive at his theory, and did not quote the script reference "Constitution Class Starship" itself (which should have been a welcome aid and a better "bridge" than just to suggest that the "01" of "MK IX/01" hinted the Enterprise's registry "1701"...).

Because he didn't, it appears that - just as feek61 summarized - he became aware that in the dialogue Khan mentions that he has read several manuals on several starships and therefore the manual of the Constitution Class would just have been one of these.
  • Khan was either interested in finding the weak spots of other starships ("The exhaust port is ray-shielded and only two meters wide. You'll have to use photon torpedos...") to plan his new conquest of the universe aboard the Enterprise. Thus starships of the Constitution Class might have been starships he'd expect to encounter and study their strength (i.e. primary phaser...!)
  • Or - as I had suggested before - he was reading up on the technological evolution towards the Enterprise to truly understand and grasp the working of the ship. And a Constitution Class Starship was an older starship design on the road towards Enterprise ("MK 9/01" or NCC-901 for those who follow Jein's reasoning)
  • And then, there's Scotty's technical journal in "The Trouble With Tribbles". Either he's taking a voluntary history lesson (older starship design) or he's looking at a different phaser design of the Constitution Class. Why should he be looking at the primary phaser of the ship he's on? It's like staring at a centerfold, while the real thing is down near Deck 11 waiting to be examined by Scotty...
I agree, this is a rather trivial and redundant issue in the bigger picture that is Star Trek, but obviously I have a soft spot for it.

And of course, everybody is entitled to believe that either/and Matt Jefferies's production sketch is inconclusive, that the producers didn't mean "Enterprise Class" (The Making of ST), "MK IX/01" refers to the type of starship and not to the type of phaser, retroactive continuity has fixed/overwritten the issue (TNG / ENT / TNG-R) and whatever else may keep the TOS Enterprise anchored in this "Constitution Class".

In our particular dialogue you revealed that you filtered out / ignored important dialogue part (several starships, several manuals), apparently because it wasn't compatible with your agenda (i.e. that the original "Space Seed" script is evidence that the Enterprise was intended to be a member of the Constitution Class).

The other Greg did the same thing (he quoted from The Making of Star Trek but didn't elaborate for one second why the same passage he quoted from is also the one stating "Enterprise Class").
If there's an issue which jeopardizes a theory, I'd expect it to be mentioned and commented. If it's just ignored the author must have an agenda to propagate his personal belief or theory and can no longer claim he's open-minded and willing to re-evaluate his beliefs (which I do believe is one of the outstanding trademarks of Gene Roddenberry's television series).

"The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth" Jean-Luc Picard
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
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