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Re: What Board style are you using?

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My favorite colors are blue, teal and purple so I may have to try the purple. If it doesn't cause eye strain, I may keep it.

EDIT: I just checked. My only available options are New Blue, Old Grey and Big Blue. Where does one find these other options?
Are you using Firefox? If so, use this to change the colors of the site:

I'm sure Chrome has something similar as well. It's easily reversible and doesn't affect the way the board operates at all.

I use it to create a Halloween theme (candy corn colored - orange, yellow, and white) and a Christmas theme (white, green and red) for TBBS sometimes. I'm also a Lakers fan, so I'll do a purple, gold, and white theme occasionally. It's silly but fun.

Oh, and I use Old Grey, since it's easy on the eyes.
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