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Re: final episode...

teacake wrote: View Post
So do you as a moderator on this Enterprise forum disavow TATV's canonicity?
Well, it was broadcast. *sigh* But I still say Barclay got roaring drunk and messed with the holodeck controls.

Mach5 wrote: View Post
Noted. Don't get me wrong, I really am sorry if my post hurt your feelings.
I appreciate that. We're cool.

Dammit lady, I'm an engineer, not a writer!
(like yourself)

HopefulRomantic wrote: View Post
AT least go back to insulting TATV. It's not even real. And it's on topic.
Congrats, this makes you the second person to have made my day today.

Thanks for the elaborate response. Much appreciated.
Any time.

Now who's up for throwing more rocks at that pitiable waste of an hour? Or, for you brave souls, complimenting it? (Man, that was hard to type.)

I'll give it a go. I liked T'Pol's hair. And Archer's dress uniform. And...

...nope, that's about it.
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