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Re: Intro to the next generation ideas....

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I love DS9 but have always though it might be harder than TNG since it's embedded in the TNG universe. But man two of you guys said you've done it. I'd love to hear more about it. It would be sweet to get my wife into DS9

I wonder if the fact she liked Firefly (which is clearly a sci-fi western) and DS9 (which is a sort of frontier western too) would dovetail...

You think doing "Emissary" would be ok? It's often considered the best pilot episode of the franchise. I personally would like to see it again after going to the BOBW theatrical event too.
You should ask this in the DS9 forum, else you're risking veering this thread onto a siding off-track from the original post and confusing the original question.

Or maybe it's confused me already, since you seem to be asking about DS9 but say she's already seen it.
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