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New Starfest interview with Avery Brooks

New interview with Avery Brooks. Some of the comments made me chuckle.

The Hair Wasn’t His Fault

As many fans know, Brooks never wanted to have the hair he did in the first two seasons. It seems that from the start, he always wanted to be Hawk in space.

DS9 Is Like Us

Brooks has always been vocal about how he thinks what a special phenomenon the show DS9 is. He talked about how the show really wasn’t about what we want to be, but what we are like now, and the hope that we still have as we try to sort our problems out.

What Episodes Stand Out?

“The pilot, of course” smiled Brooks, “because it was the first one.” He then answered again with “Somewhere Beyond the Stars”, a fan favorite, and an episode he directed.

Favorite Vacation Place?

Here, Brooks made the crowd roar with laughter when he pronounced “We are not on this planet to vacation! Vacation? I’ve got work to do!”
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