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Re: "The best and most influential Trek series"

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And in doing so, it became "just a show". Entertaining, but nothing more. Certainly not inspirational, unlike the prior series.
It all depends on what you find inspirational, I guess.

I find the characters' journeys on DS9 to be the most inspirational writing in Trek. I like TNG and TOS a lot, but the way DS9 took what had been done on those shows and challenged it, struggled with it, rejected some of it... It's a lot healthier, really, as a way of looking at the world than some of what TNG had to say.

I do love TNG, and there are some inspiring episodes, no doubt. But on the whole, DS9 is the story I tend to go back to (speaking of the overall fabric of the show).

TOS is more of an acquired taste to me, as it was already decades-old before I watched any of it.
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