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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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My massive crush on JLC aside, I fell for Clara immediately in Asylum of the Daleks, but liked her Victorian version better. I still like the Victorian version better, but Clara v3.0 has definite potential. Yes, right now she's a plot device; I think we're not being allowed to see it yet because the writers need her to be a plot device for now. That's part of what was so frustrating about the reset for me. They went to an interesting area with her and the Doctor only to rip it away. We'll see if it's picked up again in the finale.
But she doesn't JUST have to be a plot device. She could still be a character. Every character the Doctor encounters could "just" be a plot device as in something that sets the story in motion or advances it. That is A function of characters in a story, but its not the SOLE function.

As you said, they moved her into an interesting territory... only to say, "nope, didn't happen." Come on, they are making up rules to how time "works" why did she have to forget everything. And I'm sorry... an echo, maybe she remembers something... that's bullshit.

It didn't happen for her. It barely happened for the salvage people.

I think it was a tremendous missed opportunity. Her remembering what happened could have advanced the story. But we are pretty much where we were at the end of the Christmas special.

Did they suddenly get the writing staff of Torchwood: Miracle Day working on Doctor Who? What's the deal?
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