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Re: S.S. Valiant Appearance

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^Yes. Kerkythea has a plugin that imports the model straight from Sketchup as it's running. The problem with Kerky is poor documentation. It takes a lot of experimentation to get good output from.

Curious, are you using the free Maxwell for Sketchup? I installed it but didn't like the lack of control on size of the output image. It seemed to basically rely on how big you sized your Sketchup window.
Really? I haven't experienced that problem. I'm still getting used to Maxwell as I'm learning as I go. My main concern with it presently is the smoothing issue. When I render my model unless I have a lot of facets in a curve it looks segmented. Even with a lot of segments it can still be discernible. Otherwise I haven't hit anything I've really disliked yet. Mind you I paid for the $99 upgrade to make better use of it and to get larger images.

Right now I'm trying to understand how to get a glowing flame coming out of a nozzle or engine exhaust port. I've already begun using the emitter or lighting features in the program, but I haven't figured out how to do a flame yet.
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