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Well, anyway, I took the purity test, and I voted 0. I noticed that 66.67% of respondents voted the same way. 33.33% of respondents voted for six of the items being present in the next film .
Not very spoilerish...

I can't find the Purity Test. The link appears to have been removed. I was lucky enough to have seen the film and I think it has much more "Trek purity" than the 2009 version.

While I follow all the Treks, TOS was my favourite, so authentic characterisation is my benchmark. I enjoyed the first film a lot, but apart from McCoy, took a while and a little bit of mental gymnastics to accept that nuKirk, nuSpock, nUhura etc. were forerunners of the characters I loved, albeit with different backgrounds and circumstances.

After all the prepublicity for this film seemed to point to a mass-produced sellout with guns, explosions and random underwear scenes, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of it revolved specifically around the character journeys (particularly of Kirk and Spock), how intense a lot of the exchanges were, and (some obvious missteps notwithstanding) how ultimately satisfying I found this movie as a TOS fan. It seems to me that if ST2009 scores a 5/10 on the Trek purity meter, I'd probably bump this movie up to an 8. By the end, the characters are a lot more likeable than in the first movie, and the building blocks for who they become are much more firmly established. Essentially it just "felt" a lot more classic Trek to me.

Along with the amazing visual effects, rollicking pace which never lets up and a gobsmacking performance from BC, it's definitely worth the price of admission for even for the most jaded of fans.
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