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Is it wrong that for my birthday today, all I want is to sleep late, do nothing, and not be bothered/annoyed by anyone?
You're pretty much describing every birthday I've had for the past fifteen years.
I did go out one year. I didn't care for it.

I'm thinking about having some friends over this year, but I'll probably end up writing the whole thing off. It seems like a lot of work. I'd have to higher a magician and rent a pony. Then the pony wrangler wants extra money because someone got the pony drunk or high and while I'm busy dealing with pony shenanigans, the magician is trying to bang my mom.
And as usual, I have to spend the night explaining to the police, doctors, and reporters why a pony blasted on meth bit my new dad. Who can really explain why pony's do anything. It's not like I'm sort of pony whisperer.

So I mean sure, that's one way to have some fun, but who wants to be misquoted in the local newspaper.
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