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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Retrospect... well this one was basically written as an episode about how Seven overcomes everyone not trusting her. Fairly typical stuff, but you have a good point about the mind meld. Heck, Seven's probably the only person in the crew who wouldn't randomly mind a Vulcan probing through their most private thoughts.

The Killing Game... I dunno, the Nazi bit is just so cliche it ruins the episode for me. To me involving Nazi's as any villain in a supposedly original work is just the ultimate lack of creativity. The over all premise of the episode is interesting, but if the Hunters(and coincidentally the writers) have access to all humanity's history, there are more violent and combative scenarios then playing a Gestapo agent hunting down Anne Frank. The Roman Colosseum, the Mongol invasions, the Napoleonic Wars, the US Civil War, any ancient Greek or Roman campaign, or if you're bound and determined to rip off WW2, use Iwo Jima or some place else in the Pacific that's not so terribly cliche. To say nothing of the ending... what happened to Janeway's... I'll destroy this ship before giving any part of it to the enemy.

Vis a Vis. Ooh, evil body snatcher episode. Wait didn't we do one of these already with Kes? Oh well a bad episode deserves to be copied! So typical mystery element before the big reveal, but the bad guy is thwarted and the reset button is pushed. Pretty cliche and typical material. Oh and that coaxial warp drive was removed from existence by said reset button too.
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