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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

DalekJim wrote: View Post
I don't see how Clara is any less of a character than previous companions.
I get it. You have a crush on her. But, yeah, she is less of a character and becoming more like a plot point.

Personally, I'd say she has more personality and is better acted than Sarah-Jane was in 70s Who, and she's less annoying than Jo Grant. She also doesn't cry all the time and reference Eastenders so she's probably in the top tier of New Who companions, if not my favourite by default.
Meh. That's fine. I think Donna was a great companion. She grew. She was the first of the new Who companions who actually challenged the Doctor on his decisions (Pompeii for example.)

I know you see Rose as a "chav" but, she was a little more interesting that Clara... she had a family, she had a boyfriend, and, yeah, she was in love with the Doctor in a way we hadn't seen before. So, yeah, more interesting than Clara who is traveling with the Doctor because she.... can... I guess...

Still early days now though and time will tell if she'll be up there with Ian, Barbara, Leela, Romana, Ace and Bernice Summerfield as a favourite of mine.
Great! We disagree. Except for Bernice, who I am not familiar with, all of those examples are much better characters than Clara. Maybe not as better acted, but, yeah, I think more interesting.

Professor Zoom wrote: View Post
She's slowly becoming an uncharacter. She's cute and bubbly enough to keep fanboys interested and in their beds at night, but she's more of a MacGuffin than an actual flesh and blood character with depth, needs, goals, etc.
Please explain to me Susan or Sarah-Jane's needs and goals in the classic series? Did Rose and Martha have any needs beyond the Tenth Doctor's dick?
Well... Susan was traveling with her Grandfather, so... and I know MAYBE this is a stretch, it might have had something to do with traveling with family... taking care of her Grandfather... Hmm.....

Sarah Jane was a reporter. She was someone who was in pursuit of story, of adventure. And what greater adventure than traveling in time and space?

Anyone else you want to quiz me on?

I get it, Clara is as cute as a button. She's perky, she's bright and shiny. And she's played with a lot of charm.

But other than being the "impossible" girl... )which really, HOW is she in impossible? She must not be THAT impossible, the Doctor isn't really working that hard to solve the "problem." He's visited one psychic. Ooooo. And he keeps talking about how she's a problem) I don't think she's all that great.
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