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TAS is canon. It was produced, filmed, and aired. And doesn't contradict anything from TOS, IMO. Some of the stories are quite good, for a Saturday morning cartoon. The animation is not good, but the stories make up for it, I think. If you're a fan of TOS or just Trek in general, pick it up. It's worth having in your Trek DVD collection

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What I think would've been great would be if Filmation had done a second animated series around 1980-81. By then, the quality of their work had improved considerably -- their animation was still repetitive, but they repeated stock action sequences, some of which were beautifully animated, rather than just still poses. And they'd innovated some pretty sophisticated special-effects techniques like backlit moires, and Ray Ellis & Norm Prescott's music was as rich and gorgeous as it got. And a show at that time would probably have been set after TMP, like the Marvel comic and LA Times comic strip were as well as several of the novels from that time. So we could've had more screen adventures set in the TMP era, and Filmation could've made use of the alien crewmembers glimpsed in that film, like Saurians and Zaranites. It could've been really cool.
Christopher this is an excellent idea that should have been done.
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