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Re: Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath

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Will Ben Cumberbatch be able to beat the jungle out of Chris Pine?
He could beat the sap from the Pine.

I don't know why so many people had a hard time understanding what was going on in the PHOENIX books. It isn't THAT dense a read, I mean we're not talking Joseph Conrad, where it might take you 8 hours to read 90 pages. They may not be as lean and straightforward as SPOCK MUST DIE! (which I recall being able to read cover-to-cover while the afternoon movie (3:30pm to 5pm) ran, but PRICE and FATE's characters were quite recognizable to me as the guys from the TV show. That was true in PROMETHEUS as well (they got Shatner as Kirk in the dialog SO well that I was really hearing Shatner when Kirk argued with the god-like aliens), but TRIANGLE! I guess I know how most of you feel if TRIANGLE is what you got from the other books.
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