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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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You all are utterly ignoring "Now I know why he didn't get his own command" REALLY? Where was the Cairo... Jellico during the Battle of Wolf 359?
I'm not. But something kept Riker from getting his own command after Wolf 359. After losing thirty-nine starships, Starfleet would've had little choice but to kick Riker to the captain's chair of a starship. They suffered major losses all through the Dominion War yet Riker was left in the XO spot.
Yup. But we've been through this. The entire command staff should have been broken up like they were partially when Data had to take command of that one ship in that Sela episode.

The only fanwank that works is that the Enterprise-E is a touring USO ship. And it certainly appears to be given the levity of Insurrection.
I always though that Riker was kept around post-Best of Both Worlds to keep an eye on Picard. But, in-universe, that only works for a fairly small period of time.
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