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Re: Abrams: Star Trek Maybe

If I was Abrams (after I got through rolling around naked and having sex on big piles of cash), and knowing how the old school fans felt about me, I'd go out giving them the middle finger.

Third movie: Godlike being (Trellaine, Mitchell, The Guardian Of Forever, take your pick) is the "baddie" or is exploited by the baddie. In the final showdown Kirk and Spock are given the chance to undo everything, reset the timeline back to the original classic Trek timeline. Pike, Vulcan, Amanada, Kirk's father, everyone saved cause this timeline would cease to exist. A bit of mulling it about, Spock is debating it cause it'd mean the return of his mother and his planet, Uhura gives Spock a goodbye kiss, says she understands and she'll always love him, and...they decide not to do it, baddie is defeated, godlike being declares that this was their last shot and they'll never be another and as a result the reboot timeline becomes the dominate timeline.

But I'm a bastard that way
This would only work....If the TNG crew are the villains.
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