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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Jellico was simply right.

He was preparing the Enterprise to go to war and didn't have time to hold anyone's hand. The crew were suppose to be professionals yet they came off as unable to show any type of flexibility. Much what many people blame Jellico for.
^ This. There was a time crunch on. Plus while he was trying to talk the Cardies down, he was lieing to their faces about a covert op in their backyard. If things went south, the Enterprise was cooked and a shooting war was on. So, yeah, he sort had to be Captain Bastard cause he was juggle so many balls at once and if he or the crew dropped one, there was going to be thousands dead.
You all are utterly ignoring "Now I know why he didn't get his own command" REALLY? Where was the Cairo... Jellico during the Battle of Wolf 359?

And Troi: "I fear there's been some miscommunication" The empath doesn't know what the **** is going on cause Captain Smugpants is playing mindgames and keeping his crew in the dark.

The crew *are* professionals (except for when Will let devotion to Picard cloud the issue.) "It is the duty of the XO to inform the Captain when he thinks he's making a mistake"

All Jellico had to say was "Noted. Carry out my orders or I'll find someone who can" But he couldn't WAIT to get Data into the red shirt.

Jellico is a horrible communicator...but he definitely carried the day as far as how things ended. And given that he isn't commander of The Cairo when it disapeered, he probably got a fat Sovereign ship when The War broke out.
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