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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

No, I didn't go that far south. I hit the TRUs from Lynnwood to Tacoma, skipping Bellevue. I'm glad you found the Fighter Pods! Here was what I found in which store:

Lynnwood: KREOS (Enterprise, Space Dive, Transporter, Shuttlecraft)
Tukwila: Fighter Pods (blind bags, All Attack Pods, Enterprise)
Kent: Nothing!
Tacoma: KREOS (Klingon Bird of Prey, Shuttlecraft, blind bags)
Puyallup: Nothing!

What seemed really odd to me was that aside from the KREO shuttlecraft none of the stores had the same items. Not even empty shelf space/pegs with stickers for the items not currently stocked.

That Enterprise is sweet but I'm afraid I'm going to lose those little blue wings on the attack pod. Had some fun enacting when Spock got mad and shot Kirk onto the ice planet though. What are your thoughts about them?

ETA: When I fill the bridge with those little guys it looks like a Mexican standoff.
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