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Re: The good things thread

Does this count?

Hubby and I were visiting my Mom, 250 miles from our house, when at 11 pm, we got a call from our alarm company that our front door alarm was triggered!! Immediately wide awake and pacing, I was on the phone with the alarm company, our local police, the alarm company again, another part of the alarm company, etc. Hubby was calling his family to get them over to our house and see if anything was wrong, as various family members live within 2 miles of our house.

We were both livid, worried about our house, etc. His brothers waited a bit, then entered--after I gave the alarm company their descriptions so the cops wouldn't shoot them. I didn't need to worry about that--the cops never did show up since this was "only" a house. But the brothers were able to confirm that the alarm glitched--THAT'S THE "GOOD NEWS"--and our house was untouched. Our big iMac and its backup were still in place, and all the cels I call my husband's "Animation Museum" were still on the walls. Everything else could be replaced, but the cels are one-of-a-kind and all our photos are on the iMac and backup.

Then Hubby was pissed at the alarm company, took my phone and started yelling at them. At which point I took the phone back and (relatively) calmly told the employee that this was why I handle such things.

So, it was good news, right? At least imo. Our house was safe and his brothers were reliable and (imo) brave to go into the house, unsure if it was empty or not.
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