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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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I realize that this makes me hopelessly old-fashioned, especially for a sci-fi lover, but I really miss good old hand-drawn cel animation. CGI used to be cool and innovative, and generally well done, but now almost everything is CGI. It's relatively cheaper and faster to produce, but more often than not, it's poorly-done and just looks... lazy. If they made a Trek series using cel animation, I'd be all over that. But if they went with CGI -- and I suspect they would -- it would have to be pretty high quality animation for me to watch it.
Cel animation isn't cheaper or faster than CG unless you've got a Japanese style wage slave system going, farm out the animation to Korea/China, or use something like Flash to animate it. You need tons more people to do the work, plus there's practically no way to reuse art assets aside from stock footage, which means you have to draw everything from scratch for every episode. That's not so bad with just plain dialogue sequences, but there's an exponential increase in the amount of work needed for more complex action scenes. With CGI, once you make something, you can essential reuse it forever in many different ways (which is part of why a lot of mecha anime out of Japan use CG mecha and ships).
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