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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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There is a very nice CGI shot in Booby Trap, the best yet. I wonder if anyone can spot it?
I think you're talking about the flashes from the welding work on the under-construction Enterprise on the holodeck? That's very nice, and very subtle!
It is a very nice touch, but I think the best CGI so far that is new to the set has to be the planets, and especially the completely unexpected city lights on VUlcan. That was WOW! But to be fair I have loved every recreated planet Max has done. Simply superb work.

What they need to do in at least one shot somewhere is add people to the ship shots. I mean the one wonderful thing about something like ENTerprise which was all CGI, is that they were able to get a real sense of wonder that is really lacking in the other shows. Things like seeing people starring in wonder out into the void,a t planets, comets, ect, and having the outside shots reflect that people actually look outside (DS9 did it for its final shot, Voyager had a couple), people should be doing it much more often, especially new crew, visitors, children on the ship, ect..

Probably wont happen on TNG thats for sure. As much as I love models, there is a significant limit to how close you can come in, especially one a tv budget and time table.

I dread, dread the shot were Q takes Amanda out on the hull. On Video its hideous. And certainly the model isn't up for that close up to show real quality. One of the few model based fx shots that I hope is lost. For all the weaknesses of weekly tv CGI, I would much rather see work like ENT had on minefield when shown walking on the hull.
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