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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

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Be careful with pasta generally. Theres nothing wrong with it at all, don't get me wrong, but watch your portions - pasta is very calorie dense and it's really easy to overeat with it. Check the portion size on the packet and measure it out until you're used to the right amount. It was definitely a source of 'hidden carbs' for me for years, I never realised how much I was eating!
Being Italian, it's generally understood that pasta should be the main course of at least one meal every day. Preferably, two or more.

Kidding aside, I do eat pasta most days, and even with my slow metabolism, I can work it off pretty easily. My portion is usually 80-90g of pasta if it's the main dish of the meal, less if it's just the first course. I wonder what is considered a "portion" of pasta in other situation.
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