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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

The last two issues of Argo have been fantastic...this is already shaping up to be my favourite arc of the series so far. In part three of Argo Miller basically has taken Geoff Johns New Krypton story line and the Superman and Legion of Superheroes arc (where the Legion plucks Clark into the 31st century to help them fight Earth-Man) and ties it all in with the Zod stuff from season nine and does so brilliantly! It deals with Earth as a xenophobe planet attempting to purge itself from alien influence. Earth-Man himself is used (Kirk Neidrich). I mean this couldn't be any more brilliant...especially if you're a fan of all of these stories used from their source material. Bryan and Kelly would have frankly found a way to butcher this stuff...oh and they gave Brainiac 5 his costume as well! He is now Brainy in fact! All of this tied into Smallville's past seasons just again brilliant (I can't stop using this word). This comic brings me so much joy lol.
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