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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

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That has been my point all along. It doesn't matter if you have more screen time and a better character set up if most of your lines are "Yes, sir" and "Aye, sir."
While you like to pretend that this is a pure Mayweather thingy it isn't. I'd call it pilot's curse, Sulu and Travis often say "yes, sir" and "aye, sir" because they are at the helm. Here are all the lines from two random episodes:

The Galileo Seven

SULU: Scanners are blank, Captain. We're getting a mass of readings I've never seen. Nothing makes sense.
SULU: Yes, sir.
SULU: Aye, aye, sir.
SULU: Yes, Captain?
SULU: Totally inoperative, sir. No readings at all.
SULU: Yes, sir. No change.
SULU: But Captain, two degrees means they'll be overlooking more than a dozen terrestrial miles on each search loop.
SULU: Yes, sir.
SULU: Captain, course set for Makus Three.
SULU: Space normal, sir?
SULU: Captain, there's something there on screen, at Taurus Two.
SULU: No. It's holding a lateral line. There it is again. Holding steady, Captain.
SULU: Whatever it was, Captain, it just burned up in the atmosphere.
SULU: Aye, aye, sir. Warp factor one.

Sleeping Dogs

TRAVIS: Siren calls. That's what we called them when I was a kid. My dad would put them through the speakers whenever we flew by a gas giant. It gave me nightmares sometimes.
TRAVIS: Aye, sir.
TRAVIS: Captain.
TRAVIS: Sir, they're heading into open space.
TRAVIS: Aye, sir.
TRAVIS: Yes, sir.
TRAVIS: Mayweather.
TRAVIS: Yes, sir.
TRAVIS: Sir, the alien ship sunk another two thousand metres. It's below the shuttle's safety limits.
TRAVIS: Ten thousand metres, but I'm having a hard time getting a fix on them. Too much interference.
TRAVIS: Sir, external pressure's at maximum.
TRAVIS: The hull plating's failing.
TRAVIS: I found these schematics in the Vulcan database. It's a Raptor Class scout vessel.
TRAVIS: Its hull's at least twice as thick as ours, reinforced with some kind of coherent molecular alloy.
TRAVIS: Our only other option is for T'Pol and Malcolm to fix a broken-down Klingon ship and fly it out themselves.
TRAVIS: Aye, sir.
TRAVIS: Sir, there are two ships approaching at high warp. I think they're Klingon.
TRAVIS: Sixteen minutes. We're being hailed. It's the Captain.
TRAVIS: Aye, Captain. It's the Raptor, sir. They're hailing us.
TRAVIS: They're moving off.
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