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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

Ridiculous. We are not talking, as before, about something highly intricate and subjective like whether the character or writers are to blame. This is objective, factual stuff like how much screen time a character got and no matter how much you lie, Mayweather had two character episodes (Fortunate Son and Horizon), a little bit to do in the pilot and the ending plus all the just sitting at the helm stuff whereas Sulu had the sitting and the helm stuff plus one scene in Naked Time.

But hey, perhaps I am missing all those Sulu character episodes in which the spotlight was on him. Care to point them out? And gee, perhaps I also missed Sulu's enormous character setup, his biography. Would you mind to point it out?

Anyway, it is funny to see how far you gotta bend backwards and make shit up to defend your ridiculous "ALL ENT and VOY characters are flat" nonsense. Although I frankly admit that TOS is my least favourite series I try to be fair and actually point out e.g. the benefits of what might seem like a disadvantage, four underdeveloped and underused secondary main character.
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