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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

They did such a horrible job with the Gorn and their canonical history, I hope they eventually cut loose the concept that this canon.

The hole Spock/Nero time paradox doesn't suddenly make a race that was established as part of our galaxy, shunted off to another and whose motivations at Cestus III were because of a certain territorial xenophobia into a species bent on galactic conquest.

Wasn't a major part of the movie plot was that is was the prime universe with no change until the space/time disturbance that brought Nero's ship into the past. I am sure the Gorn were doing there thing in the Alpha Quadrant somewhere near Cestus III just as they were before.

Of course the design and look were completely off except for the Gorn Champion. One of the major themes of the Kirk/Gorn fight in Arena was that even though the Gorn was ludicrously strong and durable, he wasn't agile and was slow allowing Kirk to stay on the run.
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