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I can not see Tommy being an effective villain. The type of training he would need to face Oliver would take a very long time. Plus he would know it. He has seen what Oliver can do. He would know he would not be able to stop him. Plus all he would need to do is tell Dectitive Lance Ollie's secret and puts him in jail right away. Tommy taking over for way too obvious and would be totally unbelievable.
I completely agree. It took Ollie 5 years in extreme conditions being trained by increadibly skilled companions, Slade and Shado, who he was living with 24/7. If Tommy ends up as a comparable adversary in one season it would be ridiculous.

But deeper than that, Tommy "broke up" with Ollie in part because he just doesn't get who Ollie is now. He has issues with Ollie being a killer. Even though Ollie has saved Tommy, his dad, and Laurel, Tommy cannot wrap his head around who and what Ollie is now. If Tommy has some kind of epiphany, or a fall from grace, either way he will understand Ollie and have no reason to keep himself separate.

Tommy hated his dad for years, and has suddenly been driven back to him by Ollie. Yes, it makes for compelling drama, but if he becomes the "dark Ollie" he loses the reasons for the break up in the first place. It will take something really serious, like Ollie torturing Tommy's dad for hours, in front of Tommy, to make such a transition believable.

I do not know what they will do. Maybe Tommy should be killed off. That would be more interesting. The effect on Laurel and Oliver. It would become a full out war between Oliver and Malcom.
I could see Tommy dieing in a way that Ollie blames Malcolm and Malcolm blames Ollie. This sets the stage for huge level of animosity between them.

As it stands, Tommy is helpless. He is either dependant on Malcolm or dependant on Ollie. He isn't a powerful enough personality to be a threat to anyone. It would be like Thea suddenly turning into a master assassin.
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Also, if Tommy's a good man, then Oliver has a choice to make as to pursuing Laurel. If Tommy is a villain, it's a no-brainer. Characters making the obvious choice is not compelling drama (as witness Oliver's choice to skillz up and harden his ass on the island.)
I love this point.
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