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I thought I'd share the fantastic photomanipulations made by FltCpt. Bossco for the crew of my little civvie ship (who I hope to tinker with in the near future). So here you have the crew of the Daystrom Institute (DI) research scout Hawkeye (2378):

Warren Bakare (Captain) - Chiwetel Ejiofor
Leyn Naavar (Boatswain) - Lena Headey
Halora Jofe (Engineer) - Miranda Hart
Kayden Nell (Communications) - Richard Winsor
Jill Reese (Helmswoman) - Carey Mulligan
Echo (DI Android) - Sienna Guillory
T'Lyn Kenyon (Archaeologist) - Karima Adebibe
Rodahl (Researcher) - Kevin McKidd
Vani Sharma (Sciences) - Parminder Nagra
Sissrook (Forensics) - Clive Owen (voice)
Ry-Vahn (Scout) - Henry Cavill
Kier Balen (Intern) - Luke Mably

All credit for the work goes to the artist, all I did was the casting.
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