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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

The Killing Game Parts 1 & 2

Janeway as a Klingon…the makeup looks better on B’Elanna! My immediate thought when I saw her as Klingon, well, my hope, was that she was blowing off steam because she felt remorse/guilt over Kavon’s death in the last episode, but...

So, I was not quite sure what was going on in the beginning. Apparently, they were taken over and reprogramed…. We see a nice WWII, bar scene. Seven is a great singer! Apparently, the Hirogen have taken over the ship and are using most of the crew as simulations that they can hunt and re-hunt under specific circumstances. The on-going circumstance is France in WWII. Janeway is leading the French Resistance in her simulation. Tuvok, Neelix, and Seven are assisting Janeway. B’Elanna is apparently pregnant with a German soldier. Kim and the Doc are “free” on VOY. The Doc has to keep repairing the crew or the prey each time they are injured. (You would think that after a while their injuries would begin to hurt their bodies, even if the Doc can keep repairing their bodies). Kim is in charge of keeping the ship and the holodeck simulations running.

The Hirogen leader wants to populate Voyager and the holodecks with constant simulations of hunting. This way, the Hirogen could have roots and maintain their hunting lifestyle. He feels that the Hirogen need to end their migrating lifestyle in order to survive.

Part I ends with Janway’s neural transmitter going down (thanks to Kim and the Doc) and now she and Seven know what is going on inside the simulation. I have to give it to Kim, albeit grudgingly, well done this episode, well done….He sticks up for himself against the Hirogen and does not even whine, he is even a little brave…

Part II starts off with Janeway in the ship. She makes a comment that there are holodeck emitters throughout the ship now…hopefully, when this is done Voyager will be able to use the holodeck emitters so the Doc can go through the ship on his own. Although, they are going to have a hell of a time finding enough supplies to fix the ship, I think she made a comment to the Hirogen that it was seven decks. Do they even have the crew left to fix the ship?

Janeway goes through the various holodeck scenes and gets the crew to join her in battle. She even recruits Neelix as a Klingon from Holodeck 1. Neelix, makes a pretty funny Klingon at first, even when his neural transmitter was working. After the transmitter’s go down , with the Doc’s help, Neelix steps up and stops saying please and leads the Klingon’s into battle against the Nazi. In the end, the Voyager crew wins, well kind of. They create a cease fire with the Hirogen and the Hirogen leave with the trophy of the technology needed to make a holodeck simulation of their own if they want to create a new way to hunt.

Overall, great episodes. I like the premise of the Hirogen taking the ship. It even makes sense with the plot that the Hirogen leader is trying to create a constant place where they can hunt. It is a good idea, and it shows the advancement of a different species. As cliché’ as it is to use Nazi’s as the bad guys, they actually pull it off here. I like pleasant surprises and the following struck me as fun and they fit the episode: Kind Neelix makes a decent Klingon when pressed. Kim was actually brave and less whiny. I do like it when the characters develop in ways we do not see in a regular episode. This is the second time this season we see the darker side of Neelix. I like the development of his character recently. They have shown that while his base personality is the Neelix we usually see, he like anyone can get angry when pressed. Kim (which I know most people like far better than I) proved that he could be brave and a leader in rough situations.

Favorite part: I am partial to arc episodes! Also, when the Doc is in the Klingon simulation and the Klingons talk Neelix and Doc into going into battle, the Doc sardonically says, “Tally Ho”. I found this hysterical!

Least favorite part: Once the neurotransmitters were taken off do they remember the whole simulation, everything even from the past weeks? I do not think so based on the crews’ response, but I am not sure. The crew still knew their way around the simulation…
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