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Re: The State of Star Trek Literature 2013

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1. How do you feel the Trek book line has done in the last 12-15 months?
Quite well. I think it's been a good balance of the different series.

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2. More specifically, what have you liked in regards to the entire Trek book line in that time? What were your three favorite Trek novels in that time and why?
Moving the stories forward. What I most appreciate of the post-series stories is that characters are allowed to develop naturally.
My favorite during this time would be Plagues of Night, Raise the Dawn, and The Persistence of Memory

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3. Now, what did you disliked regarding to the Trek book line of the last year or so? What were your three least favorite or disappointing books and why?
Despite what my favorites might indicated, the saturation of Typhon Pact and cold war storylines. I appreciate the new status quo of the Federation and think that the Typhon Pact is brilliant new story idea, but it should be pulled back some. So much war (whether hot or cold) and grimmness in the last couple of years really is getting tiresome. I'm okay with it in moderation, but sometimes it's shoe-horned in places where it doesn't make sense.
Case in point, Fallen Gods - a weak outing, but also hurt by the Andorian storyline being tacked on it. The Titan should be far away and be on it's own mission, it makes very little sense to be affected by this. (Same thing with the previous Gorn-centric Titan storyline).
Silent Weapons and The Body Electric and Brinksmanship were also weak for me. On their own, fine. Together with everything else, it's just too much politics, cold war plotting, and death.

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5. What editorial decisions from the last 12-15 months have you like? Disliked?
The Resurrection of Janeway. I don't have anything against her as a character, but she was killed, and in her absence the series has flourished. Having Chakotay as Captain, and having Eden as the Fleet Commander was a breath of fresh air. Undoing that development, has for me made the Voyager series less appealing.
I've spoken elsewhere on my thoughts of the over-abundance of politics, war, and Typhon Pact storylines.

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6. What would you change in the Trek book line? Everything? Nothing? Be it production choices (artwork, type of book) or story editorial decisions?
Cover Art needs to be improved. Stories are progressing, show that with characters. Having floating heads of the Captains over generic backgrounds isn't very interesting.
Each series needs to go back to having it's own voice. Titan really needs to go back to its core of exploration and multi-species integration. Voyager had a good thing going with a new commander, and having a fleet of support ships. Much of that seems to be undone, so far, maybe reinforcements could be brought in. DS9 needs to fill in the blanks, what happened during the Ascendants storyline? TNG can stick with the Typhon Pact and more political stories, it makes sense, though I think Geordi is in some desperate need of development.
And...more experimentation. Articles of the Federation and the DTI stories are some of the best stuff that has come out lately.

That being said. I'm HUGELY excited about the upcoming Choice of Futures.
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