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Re: Regarding next X-Box and "always online"

Timby wrote: View Post
And while its true that Microsoft has confirmed nothing, I trust the sources that the "always online" and "disabled games without internet" rumors are coming from.
Believe them all you want, I'm just saying that you shouldn't be calling things "facts" when they are, at this point, merely rumors and speculation. There are literally no known facts about the next Xbox outside of its existence.

And if it turns out to be always online and people don't like that, they shouldn't buy it. I don't get all the wasted energy on how offensive it is that a console might require a constant Internet connection. If it does, and you disapprove, well, vote with your wallet!

Or do people think if there is a big enough Internet backlash, Microsoft will backtrack? If it's true, I don't see any backtracking to be likely, as there are so many assumptions built into the concept of an always online console that it would be pretty difficult and expensive to roll that back, in terms of the system's OS, online services, and game dev kits.
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