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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

I think his favorire curse word is "whippets**t" from at least two sources. I must say I have'nt heard that one before.

He was once sitting across from a table from a person and their little dog, which raved every time someone would insert a finger to make a popping sound with the mouth.

He tried this, and the little dog leaped at him and almost bit his lip off Dolarhyde/Freddy Loundes style.

I seem to remember him playing a blind character in a recent program.
One last thought about Pertwee. He visited Alabama once--even though we had tornado warnings that day.

I've seen other famous actors, but when Pertwee entered--I was in awe. I have never seen a person sweep into a room and turn it electric before or since. That is power, and so few people have that.

At the time there was this arguement between British and American actors over something (1980s) and I asked him about it, and apologized for the colonies (I forget what it was about now).
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