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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 75; Bribery

Quark: Where the hell is an energy whip when you need one?

Even in the 24th Century people still sit right in front of their desktop and play on their tablets.

Bashir: Ah, Admiral Ross, come to see if Romulan Ale will cure you of the stick up your ass?

Ross: Typical, Doctor. One sip and suddenly you're filled with liquid courage.

O'Brien: I bet you can't hock a loogie and land it on Quark there.

Worf: Challenge accepted!

Sisko: Garak, there's something that's bothered me about you over the years...

Garak: Is this about my past again? Captain, I assure you, I'm just a humble tailor, everything else you've heard, well I can't be responsible for people's imaginations running away with them...

Sisko: Yes, but that's just it. Who the Hell would decide, after seeing your fashion sense, that they wanted you to design an outfit for them?
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