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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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the error of the Maquis is that they believe that THEY ALONE can fight against the Cardassians.
They probably felt that way seeing as the federation wasn't very dependable seeing as they were ignorant of what was going on and their usual way of handling other governments doing something they don't like is to impotently complain at them and only do that.

Only the Federation can monitor the DMZ
Except by that point the Maquis didn't accept federation authority any more and as far as their concerned they aren't apart of it anymore.

so the goal of the Maquis should be to get the attention of their government
They didn't seem to think of the federation as their government anymore.

and once they got it cease hostilities.
You make it sound like the Cardassians were just going to give up after one set back their history on the shos says otherwise.

Via continuing to fight the Cardassians they give them a justification for a military presence in the DMZ and make the task of the Federation much harder.
Well if they were doing their job when they were supposed to instead of just assuming the Cardassians would honor the treaty when they've show no inclination to do so in the past things wouldn't have gotten that bad.

It is no more a simple matter of a one-sided treaty violation after which the Federation would have had the diplomatic high ground (and being able to tell the other side that they are the only ones who fucked up matters!)..
Actually it doesn't seem to matter in the trekverse that much.

Now it is a mess and the Feds can no more pretend that only the Cardassians misbehave. Their citizens are aggressive as well and the Maquis dealt them a diplomatic bad hand.
Again it's a mess of their own making becuase they were naive idiots.
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