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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

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Plot and setting are important, but you can't just ignore characterization, flat characters have dragged down the last two star Trek shows.
Ah, finally we get to the core of the issue, the usual VOY and ENT bashing.

How come you don't complain about TOS then, the show in which only three our of seven major characters were actually in the spotlight? Sure, Chekov and Scotty sometimes got more than just one line but then it was mainly for the sake of comedy: the drunken Scotsman and the funny Russian kid.

ENT also had seven main characters and all of them but one worked. We had the troika like in TOS, the seconday characters were a very interesting alien doctor plus a totally non-bland tactical officer and among the two minor characters one sucked and one was OK.
So in terms of characters the show is better than TOS. But TOS still worked because it was first and above all about ideas. The best episodes would have worked with any character; its brilliancy was not that precisely James T. Kirk fell in love with Edith Keeler.
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