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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


I feel like they kind of overdid it with the target buoy. The buoy was huge if you look at it in comparison to Voyager. Janeway and Kovin strike a deal, and Janeway buys a buoy. Chakotay asks Seven to work on integrating the systems, and she does not want to. Chakotay threatens her with the Captain’s respect, and she gives in and goes to do what Chakotay asked of her.

Seven punches Kovin in a small dispute, and when Janeway goes to talk to Kovin in the med room she apologizes to him, but it was really half assed. Janeway talks to Seven, and explains to her that she needs to think before she acts.

Seven has buried memories. The Doc helps her to find out what they are, and it turns out that while Paris and Seven were testing fire arms on the planet Kovin took her to a laboratory and shot her with a small weapon in order to incapacitate her. They took Borg technology from her and stimulated implants in her arms. Then they gave her a drug to suppress her memories….supposedly.

Okay, this episode is bullshit. Tuvok questions the extracted memories and Janeway, rather than being outraged that one of her crew was attacked, asks if there is any evidence. When Tom’s memories were messed with and he was put up for murder the crew was completely on his side and Tuvok immediately did a mind meld with him in order to provide the necessary evidence.

With Seven, the Doc had to go to bat for her. I call BS. Tuvok could have mind melded with her immediately and the whole discussion would have been null and void! Tuvok should have been in charge of this investigation the whole time.

Favorite part: When the Doc explains to Seven that they have to accept the fact that few life forms will meet their standards.

Least favorite part: The lack of the crew’s immediate outrage, and the idea that Tuvok would mindmeld with Paris to prove his innocence, but not Seven!
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