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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Thanks, Ryva and wait no longer.


I did see this way back when, and was half tempted to skip it. It's rubbish, we all know it's rubbish. So sum up less obvious thoughts than: We evolve into frog like sea creatures? That seems like devolve to me.

The cold open has Paris dying in a shuttle experiment, but reveal it to be a holodeck simulation before the intro rolls, excellent way to kill any dramatic tension built up.

How many times can they say the name of the episode? It's like they're going for some sort of record.

Shame that during the first greats of flying Yuri Gagarin didn't get a shout out.

Voyager is capable of 9.975 but if it hits 9.9 the ship nearly rips itself apart? Seriously along with everything else in this episode, this is ridiculous. Why not the old power consumption problem that we know to be a factor. Instead the ship can't handle it's top speed. Whoever let this thing out of the Utopia Plantia needs sacking.

On a more seriously level, McNeil does a good job as he realises he's dying before he morphs into a mutant out of Fallout.

Is the shuttle they convert to Transwarp different to any we've seen before on the show? If I remember correctly everything's been the boxlike ones from TNG, this one was a sleek little number.

I also made a note for a brief two hearts/timelord joke but the ending killed off any interest in making that.
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