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Re: April Art Challenge - Flux Capacitor Entry #2

Overall, I like the concept, and there are only two problems I have with your execution:
1) I don't believe that the Jem'Hadar Attack Ships have weapons in their nacelles. The only weapons I know of are in or on top of their nose, which I believe is a polaron beam emitter (or a series of them; I'm not sure), and to my knowledge, a series of torpedo launchers. I don't believe they have pulse weapons; only directed energy beams and torpedoes, though if I'm wrong, I'd love to know.
2) The registry that is clearly visible, NCC-71832, belonged to the Odyssey, yes? If I remember correctly, she was engaged in, and destroyed in space.

Okay, now that I have gotten the problems out of the way, I should end my comments on a good note: as a stickler for details, I love how you have additional Jem'Hedar starships visibly hanging in low orbit.
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