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Re: Finale discussion thread (spoilerifictitle insided) *SPOILERS WITH

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It's unlikely - for as much as I like the current series it is highly formulaic in a way that different era of the previous series were not (well for at least the first four Doctors at least and in particularly between two-three-four).
Do you really feel so? The show now is more formulaic than the second Doctor's "base-under-siege of the week" show? More formulaic than the third Doctor's "the Master was behind it all" show? I don't understand where you're coming from at all.
I mean shifts in format between Doctors (or rather production eras as they don't map as neatly as Doctors) rather than within Doctors - if that makes sense? the Unit Era is clearly not the same as the 'base under siege' era or what Baker was doing later. I don't really see the tonal difference between the sorts of adventures that Nine, Ten and Eleven have had.
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