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Re: SeaQuest DSV: The Ancient Review Thread

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But, you know, of the 3 major Sci-Fi debuts of 1993 (Star Trek Ddep Space Nine, Babylon 5 and SeaQuest DSV), it's hard to believe that we are almost caught up to when DSV's first Season takes place: 2018. I wonder if we will truly see any sea colonies in 5 years, or ships like the SeaQuest?
The only thing from seaQuest being close to attainable is the Stinger. We'd need some crazy tech developments (including fusion reactors) to make something like seaQuest possible.

But, still, it's amazing just how much has come since the show was on. I remember the episode with Tim Russ where there was mention of talking on online boards. Sure there were BBS's in 1993-94, but nothing like what they were describing (as I recall, back then in the real world BBS's were nothing more than electronic bulletin boards, a few discussions, but mostly for posting upcoming stuff, and not hat many people were aware of them or even how big the Internet would become).
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