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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

The Cardassians are as trustworthy as the Romulans. So what? It certainly doesn't imply that the peace treaty is worthless. Or do you trust everybody you make a contract with?

As I already said, the error of the Federation was to monitor the DMZ not as well enough as e.g. the neutral zone with the Romulans. better supervision was necessary ... but prolonging hostilities, be it via no peace with the Cardassians at all or via the little war of the Maquis are not better options.

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And we know from recent history that that actually doesn't always work, hell the main reason it worked in Egypt was that the military refused to take any actions against the protesters.
I don't follow you here. You claim that peaceful resistance hasn't worked in recent history and then provide an example which shows that it has?
I don't claim by the way that peaceful resistance is ALWAYS the right way to proceed. Take 1789 France, there was no other way besides cutting of the head of the king and crushing the counter-revolutionary resistance.
But I fail to see the benefits of the actions of the Maquis besides providing spotlight. If you are aware of any others I am all ears.
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