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Dukat and other thoughts while ending Season 5

I just started Season 6 of DS9 and I just have to say I'm really disgusted by what Dukat did. Why bother having all of those episodes showing he "changed" when obviously he just goes back to his old self? I have to admit I love the power struggle between himself and the Dominion leader on the station, someone to take him down a peg. But, I am really upset that they bothered doing all of that character development with his daughter and him being cast out from his family, etc. only to have him go back to being his arrogant self who doesn't care about anyone. I understand it's supposed to surprise you and I guess it's one of those things where when you have nothing, you've got nothing to lose...but still.

And...Jake staying on the station after it had been occupied by the Dominion...that's just ridiculous. I would have thought Sisko would have dragged Jake off of the station crying rather than let him stay there even if he is "a man". Sisko just conveniently realizes Jake isn't on the Defiant after they had already left? I would think I would want know where my son is during a Dominion invasion of the station. I don't think Jake should have been allowed to be on the station OR a Starfleet ship. He should have been sent back to Earth. But I understand there is another plan for him (writing reports about the truth about the Dominion occupation of the station) and that the station is not really dangerous as long as he stays on their good side.

And I was also pretty mad that Starfleet did absolutely nothing to protect the station. I understand they had another get ships together later on and then destroy where the White was being distributed, and so on. But just allowing the station to be taken over without sending ANY backup for Sisko seemed a little unreal to me. I get they had another plan and I get that Sisko was aware of it...but still. I am sure they will go back and retake the station, but still...if I were Sisko I would have felt a little bit betrayed by Starfleet. It seems as though they never sent any reinforcements ANY time the Dominion came to the station or near the station. Not just this time, but other times as well. What about the other 150 planets that are in the Federation? None of them had any ships to spare? Seriously? I guess protecting the station would have been the wrong choice and it's better to go after the source (the White distribution that keeps the Jem'Hadar alive, etc.), but as I was watching I was just like....really? There is no one that can help? I know they all meet up later and many Federation ships get destroyed, just in the moment I felt like Sisko was a little bit betrayed.
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