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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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I am firmly on the side of the Federation. Sure, they reacted too late to the Cardassian misdeeds in the DMZ
And there in lies the problem they expected a group that had no problem defying a prior peace agreement to be totally trustworthy this time and didn't bother to keep checking to make sure they stay honest.

Which is why this treaty sounds like those impotent air fairy arms reduction agreements signed after World War I that didn't do squat in the long term.

but the Maquis did something far worse, they threatened the hard-earned peace and made it much harder for the Feds to solve this problem:
So its their fault becuase they didn't like getting killed while the federation twiddled its thumbs?

we know from Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King that sometimes the best way to defend yourself is not via picking up arms as this gives your enemy an easy excuse to crush you.
And we know from recent history that that actually doesn't always work, hell the main reason it worked in Egypt was that the military refused to take any actions against the protesters.

their interests matters less than maintaining peace
Which it didn't mostly becuase the federation basically let the Klingons do whatever to hell they want with token resistance.

... and while the Feds didn't expect beforehand that the Cardassians would lead a proxy war via arming their settlers
Which they probably should have seeing as how the Cardassians had no problem trying to secretly rearm after the war, and the whole Circle business on Bajor showing that they have no problem doing under handed things to get what they want.

they knew perfectly well that living under Cardassian rule will be nasty for those of their settlers who decide to stay.
To be fair the had a Cardassian Gul telling some of them that as long as they don't cause trouble they wouldn't be bothered and seeing as the federation trusted the Cardassians without question why shouldn't they, Except again the Cardassians weren't very trust worthy were they.
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