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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

davejames wrote: View Post
Haven't read through the thread yet (which I expect to be full of nitpicky complaints, as always), but I thought the ep was fantastic.

I loved the glimpse we saw of other rooms, the time twisty nature of the story, and the revelation that the burnt zombie creatures were actually themselves from the future (although why they turned into zombies instead of just, you know, dieing, I have no idea).

And it took a while, but for me this is the first time the new Clara finally came into her own as a worthy Companion. The way Coleman somehow managed to be charming, complex, mysterious, and sexy as hell all at once in this episode was just amazing to watch. And I am officially in love.
I keep thinking the Zombies were either locked in timee at the moment before death and were just isane with agony. OR, the TARDIS somehow raised the dead as an army against the salvage crew.

Stoo wrote: View Post
Remember something else that bugged me. That bit in the Engine Room about people not being able to touch each other or time.. reasserts itself? And they fast forward to zombie status?

The zombies really did feel like a contrived means of having a Monster of the Week to run away from.
See I would have went with them being from past or future possible failed regnerations of the Doctor.
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