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Re: Lost as an one-season miniseries

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It's been awhile, but the end of the last episode they did explain all the major stuff. The only left unexplained was Widmore's change of heart or why whatshisname from S:AAB was building the cabin.

We found out what and why the Island is, and why and how the plane crashed.
No, they didn't explain all the major stuff. This is what has people like degra all up in arms about it. The only way I could enjoy the series was to let go of wanting to know all of the answers. But frankly, I would've liked to know a few things:
  • MIB doesn't start out evil. He knows that his and Jacob's mother is not their maternal mother; that she essentially kidnapped them. So, he craves to go back to live with his people, but his mother decides to kill all of his people just to spite him. SHE was the evil one, and spurned on MIB to take revenge on her, cementing his rage.
  • So why would an evil mother be charged with taking care of the "light of the Island", some kind of super power wellspring? By whom?
  • Is the island the heart of the Earth? If this "light of the Island" is the critical wellspring to all life on Earth, why would there be such a slipshod arrangement of protecting it? Seems like there should be a much more formidable people doing it and with high moral standards.
  • Jacob tells his brother (MIB) that he can't leave the island. Yet, HE is able to leave. Why is this? How is such an arbitrary discrimination enacted?
  • So we have these 3 people--the mother and her two sons--living on this special island. The "evil" son kills his evil mother, and Jacob is charged by his mother with keeping his brother from leaving. Why does the mother care what happens outside of the island anyway?
  • All you have to do is drink a cup of water from the island's stream, handed to you by someone who was bestowed caretaker powers over the island. "Now you're like me." OK, great. Being bestowed this guardianship gives a kind of immortality. Why not give everybody a drink? Then everyone could leave the island in an instant, in addition to immortality. Of course, this would ruin the story... and to foil it, just make the powers only transferable instead of copied. But this caveat isn't shown. Looked pretty silly to me. Also... why no VFX on drinking it, like a momentary glowing aura around the person? Looked pretty silly to just drink and "wallah!"--you've got powers!
  • So despite all that Ben and his cohorts learn about the Dharma Initiative, they remain clueless about "the hatch" (Swan station)? They have no idea that some crazy cockamamie Dharma experiment was conceived to have people conscripted into tediously entering in a code every 108 minutes, which has a critical action of alleviating "magnetic pressure"? Not doing so results in catastrophic earthquakes? I don't get it... this was so stupidly risky.
  • You'd think with the Dharma Initiative they would've had a fail safe... that after scaring the sh*t out of the test subjects in the Swan and the start of magnetic chaos, that a back-up procedure would automatically perform the magnetic "alleviation". It would've made so much sense rather than risk the safety of the entire island if someone goofs up. And what should have happened is that there would be some uncovering of this. At the Pearl station, they would've found some evidence of the fail safe but then discover that it has become faulty... if you DON'T enter the code, everything will fall apart.
I can understand how the island is something special, but we don't know WHY it is so. Its special nature attracts people to go there, seeking out its power. Ancient peoples, including the Egyptians, find their way to it. MIB's fellow people were inventive and figuring out a way to harness the power of the island, ultimately to find a way off of it and travel the world. But they were wiped out. Then centuries later, the Dharma Initiative comes along, attempting to do the same thing. Jacob has them wiped out, using Ben and his team to do the dirty work. But not before the Dharma scientists had already dug deep enough to expose the dangerous magnetic properties of the island. It seems silly given Jacob's power that he couldn't have stopped that from happening much sooner.

One could say this whole thing was an analogy to how the inventive nature of humans is a dangerous power and improperly wielded could destroy everything. But, it's set in a bizarre story that doesn't have much at all to explain it.

Why 4 toes instead of 5? Who cares. Maybe it was a comedic Egyptian settlement, the fore bearers of cartoons. This pales in comparison to knowing the real deal... why we have this very peculiar small arrangement of people with special powers and no explanation as to how they were bestowed and by whom.

If there's anything LOST left as a gaping hole in its entire story, it's this. And I feel the writers, namely Lindelof and Cuse, backed themselves into a time pressure corner and couldn't figure out how to clean it all up. So they fell back on "it's all about the characters" bit. Mind you, they were seriously influenced by "The Prisoner", intending to leave a lot of people confused at the end, because heck... look at all the chatter that continued for decades after "The Prisoner" was over. They wanted to repeat that... have their own historical stake in television history. And it worked. Good for them. Not so good for the intelligent audience that isn't just along for the ride but wants a well crafted story.
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